Friday, June 17, 2011

Pitch your Book for Possible Publication at the 2011 David R. Collins Writers' Conference

Pitch sessions with e-publishers, Robert Brown and Sharene Martin-Brown, and traditional publisher, Steve Semken, on June 24th during the 2011 David R. Collins Writers' Conference are still available! Visit the Midwest Writing Center's website for more information and to register. Ten-minute pitches are available in the morning with Robert Brown and Sharene Martin-Brown and in the afternoon with Steve Semken. the cost is $25 and pre-registration is required.

To help you with your pitch at the conference or elsewhere, we've compiled the following tips.

1.  Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you can say everything you need to say in slightly less than the ten minutes provided to leave room for questions.

2.  Know your project.

3.  Mention the genre of your project and the approximate word count.

4.  Narrow a synopsis of your book down to its most important elements, including the ending.

5. Think of the back of the book. When you're manuscript is published, what would it say on the back cover?

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