Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing for Publication in the 21st Century and The World of E

Almost no one would say getting published is easy. From writing to finding an agent to finally convincing a publisher your work will sell, the process can be exhausting. Presenters Robert Brown and Sharene Martin-Brown are scheduled to blow the lid off of the mysterious world of publishing at the David R. Collins Writers' Conference in their workshop, "Writing for Publication in the 21st Century", from 10:15-11:45 am on June 23rd through 25th at New Hall on the St. Ambrose Campus.

The World of E workshop at the 2011 David R. Collins Writers' Conference will explore the world of e-publishing and what this burgeoning market means to the writer. Offered Saturday, June 25th, at New Hall on the St. Ambrose campus, this course will answer all of your questions about e-books, especially how e-publishing is different from traditional print or self-publishing. Visit the Midwest Writing Center website for more information and to register.

Robert Brown is an editor and publisher at Ampichellis Ebooks, the electronic book division of Martin Brown Publishers, LLC. He is interested in young adult, mystery, suspense/thriller, romance and urban fantasy. His blog provides a look into the inner workings of an editor's mind and could prove useful to those who have questions about publishing.

Sharene Martin-Brown is most interested in acquiring young adult literature for Ampichellis Ebooks, a specialization that fits well with her Masters degree in Language Education. However, she is also interested in novels that fit into the educational setting for YA and middle-grade readers, stories centered on a human/animal friendship, dance-themed stories, romance and horror. She has presented at numerous workshops across the country and has taught high school and college writing and literature. She is also a multi-published author and freelance writer who understands both sides of the quest to be published.

Registration is limited, so sign up as soon as possible!

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