Wednesday, September 7, 2011


From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.: Ann Boaden Book Signing:

The history of Augustana College is riddled with strong, impassioned women who gave everything they had to improve the world around them. Dr. Ann Boaden, a professor at Augustana College, honors them with her recently published book Light and Leaven: Women Who Shaped Augustana’s First Century.

Roald Tweet, Professor Emeritus of Augustana College, said of the book “…Dr. Boaden invites us inside the stories of many Augustana College women—some known, others forgotten—and asks us to imagine how they must have seen a world that was often hostile or indifferent to them, but about which they cared a great deal—cared enough to bring their light and leaven to expand its boundaries."

The arduous process of researching women whose voices were largely absent from the records at Augustan has resulted in a deeply personal look at the women who gently nudged the college to the successful institution it is today. From the second college president, a woman named T.N Hasselquist, to the close friend and mentor of Dr. Boaden’s, Dr. Henriette Naeseth,(the college’s first woman Ph.D) the book encapsulates the powerful female forces of Augustana College. 

From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.: Off Channel Reading:

Finalists and winners of the Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest have been invited to read their work which appears in the anthology, Off Channel. (To see a list of the winners, visit our homepage.) Light refreshments will be served and Off Channel will be available for purchase at a discount. After the launch, Off Channel will be available for sale at the Midwest Writing Center office, at and on

Both events are FREE, open to the public and are taking place on the third floor of Bucktown Center for the Arts and 225 E. 2nd Street in downtown Davenport.

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