Wednesday, February 1, 2012


MWC is proud to introduce George Seaberg, its first featured author-of-the-month. George’s book, Where Angels Fear to Tread, is the story of how his small manufacturing business succeeded in the competitive world market. It is available for purchase at MWC and on the MWC website. The book was written from the diary and notes George kept while launching and growing Seaberg Industries, a manufacturer of metal parts mostly for big companies in the Fortune 500 Index from 1972 into 2006. George’s goal in writing the book was to help potential entrepreneurs by providing inspiration and a guide to pursuing their dreams.

George’s passion for writing was inspired by his freshman English teacher at the University of Iowa, Mr. Andrews, who he says “instilled a genuine desire to communicate by writing.” But When George sold his company in 2006, he didn’t immediately start his writing career. Instead, he focused his attention on keeping physically, mentally and spiritually fit; travelled with his wife to Europe, Scandinavia and Russia and with his grandchildren to places in the United States. He also continued his piano lessons, helped his son coach his junior high basketball team and became a First Responder for the Riverdale, Iowa Fire Department.

The idea for Where Angels Fear to Tread had been in George’s mind since he started Seaberg Industries in 1972. He initially wrote it as a family history for his children; he showed it to a local editor who expressed enthusiasm for the project which led to publication. George will be a featured speaker at the University of Iowa's Student Leadership Institute on April 20th and 21st hosted by Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids which will be attended by thirty engineering, business and computer science undergraduates. For aspiring writers, George offers this advice: “WRITE 10,000 words about any subject! Then throw them away and start writing about the things you enjoy.”

Join George for a reading from Where Angels Fear to Tread on Wednesday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. at Bettendorf Public Library as part of the BPL and MWC read local series.

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