Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Linc is the feline friend and former resident of an entire school in Waterloo. His story was brought to life in the children’s book entitled Lovable Linc by this month’s featured “authors”: Janet Thompson and Lori Gross-Maynard who wrote the words in the book and Doris Webber who created the illustrations.

Linc was adopted after a custodian found him as a stray kitten outside of Lincoln School in Waterloo, Iowa. Linc grew up in the school environment and was put to work nurturing care for animals in the students he encountered; he also inspired, calmed and soothed them. Linc’s school service lasted seven years when he went from spending just nights and weekends with Lori to living with her permanently. In his time at the school, Linc impacted the lives of hundreds of students, staff and teachers.

After Linc’s retirement, people continually asked about his well being and it became apparent to Janet and Lori that they needed to tell his story and bring his personality to life. Lovable Linc evolved over several years. Linc helped with the story by sitting on the table while Lori and Janet wrote and reminisced about all of the silly times and inspirational moments that occurred during Linc’s seven years at the school. Rochelle Murray, retired Children’s Librarian for the Davenport Public Library, said this about the book: “Children will thoroughly enjoy LovableLinc. A story about an orphan cat who finds a special love relationship in a school setting. A 'purr-fect' story for anyone who loves animals-especially cats!”

Lovable Linc was published in 2010. It is its authors’ and illustrator’s first book.  Lori Gross-Maynard teaches Title I and Reading Recovery in Waterloo, Iowa. She also travels to visit family and friends and keeps busy with school and church activities. Jan Thompson is a retired teacher. She is a Davenport native and worked at the Davenport Public Library’s children’s book section during her time there. She is also the volunteer coordinator of P.E.T. P.A.L.S., an animal-assisted therapy and visitation program in Waterloo. She takes one of her dogs to area care facilities and, of course, books and reading are important in her life. Jan also loves to help kids who struggle with reading. Doris Webber is a retired para-educator who enjoys anything related to crafts and sewing, especially crocheting and embroidery work. She also loves books and reading. They have this advice to offer to aspiring book creators: “Persevere. It’s easy to give up but follow your dream if it’s something that you really want to do.”

Please join the creators of Lovable Linc on May 5th from Noon to 3 p.m. at the Moline Book Rack located at 3937 41st Ave. Dr. This event is free. The book is for sale at the Book Rack and by contacting Lori at LovableLinc@gmail.com.

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