Monday, September 3, 2012

E-Book Session Part of Fall 2012 Pen In Hand

MWC is excited to have Joanne Wiklund presenting the Pen In Hand session "Dipping Your Toe into the 'E' Pool; E-Books 101"With her first ebook An Angel For Duane & Gladys online since June of 2011, Joanne Wiklund will share her experiences in writing and marketing an ebook. She has been featured at a book signing at a major book chain, a reception at her local library and spent hours at her computer. She has a facebook page and a blog,, which includes her observations about writing and the world around her.

Joanne, a journalist and poet of Port Byron, IL has edited two hometown weekly newspapers and a river magazine. Mrs. Wiklund was also a reporter for the Rock Island Argus, The Dispatch, and The Nashville Banner. She also speaks to various church groups, organizations and school classes on a variety of topics.

Mrs.Wiklund developed the "Do It! Write!" series of classes which focuses on helping both emerging and established writers, teaching at the River Valley Library in her hometown for ten years. She is the founder of the River Valley Writers Group which still meets monthly at the library.

Following are Joanne's thoughts as she prepares for the session:

"As I prepare 'eBooks 101' for Pen in Hand, I'm wondering so much. What will these writers who attend need to know about eBooks? What will be their experience with the changing face of book publishing? How many of them will be emerging writers and how many will be established writers looking for a new way to get their message "out there?" Fiction or non-fiction, is an eBook a viable way to reach their intended audience?

I hope in exchanges with class participants we discuss new, as well as tried and true methods of reaching
our readers. I hope to present relevant information for authors of all genres and ages. All things to all people? Not always possible. But I hope as I share my experience as an eBook author marketing her western/ mystery novel, An Angel For Duane & Gladys, some nuggets of real gold do appear."

Joanne will present "E-Books 101" at the Pen In Hand Mini Writer's Conference from 10:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 6th. Other sessions offered that day address traditional publishing, self-publishing, and marketing (important no matter how you publish). Discounts are offered for early-bird registrants as well as members of MWC. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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