Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 MWC Literary Awards Banquet

From left, Cindy Dunlap & Diane and Glen Roebuck.
Cindy was a 2013 honored educator for her work with student literacy
and bringing book creators, authors and illustrators, together with students.
Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba presents NYT bestselling author and
Davenport native, Randy Wayne White, with a key to the city.
QCA literary arts continue to thrive thanks to the past contributions
and living legacy of the Collins family
MWC Executive Director, Ryan Collins, presented Robin Throne with
the fourth David R. Collins' Literary Achievement Award.
Past notable QCA author recipients have included:
Connie Corcoran Wilson (2010), Michael McCarty (2008), & Sean Leary (2006)
MWC generous Board members, Shea Doyle and Nancy Hayes
The affable Max Molleston again served as
an entertaining event master of ceremonies

MWC met its endowment challenge in a successful campaign and was
supported by a match from the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend
Other literary awards honorees included:

Tim Curry... see Ryan Collin's touching tribute poem, "Poem for the Time that Lies Beside the End of Time" at ink node

Elementary Educator Cindy Dunlap..."there is no literacy event quite as exciting and guaranteed to succeed at getting kids involved as one that connects them directly with the authors or illustrators."

Talent and Gifted Educator Gail Heninger...nurturing splendid writers and the diverse literary culture at Davenport Central High School

Event sponsors: Scott County Regional Authority, Exotic Imports, and The Dispatch-Argus

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