Saturday, May 18, 2013

READ LOCAL: Salvatore Marici to perform poems June 5 at Bettendorf Library

Salvatore Marici will perform poems from his book Mortals, Nature, and Their Spirits (Ice Cube
Ice Cube Press (2012)
Press), at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, at the Bettendorf Public Library, a Read Local event. Via an enchanting array of rhythmic encounters, sensual visions, perceptive reflections of mysteries and magic, he and the audience will dance, drum, mingle with spirits, talk and laugh with deities.

Marici served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and is a civil servant retiree who worked for the Army, mainly with the job title of agronomist. At both jobs, he managed natural resources.
His poetry has appeared in several publications including Off Channel, Slow Trains, Descant, Sweet Lemons 2: International Writings with a Sicilian Accent, and Toasted Cheese. He was the 2010 MWC poet-in-residence and is a featured poet in the Bucktown Revue.

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