Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Toohey’s 'The Other Side of Crazy' set for release September 1

The Other Side of Crazy, a collection of poetry by Jodie Toohey, will be released by 918studio September 1. The book is Toohey’s second collection of poetry. Cover and interior design for the collection was by Sarah Throne-Ploehn of Rivertown Creative.

Toohey will read from her collection at a launch party and book signing to be held from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, September 14, at the Midwest Writing Center. The event will be held in the third floor conference room of the Bucktown Center of the Arts at 225 East 2nd Street, Davenport. The public is invited and refreshments will be available. 

Toohey’s first poetry collection was Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls (2008) and she authored
Jodie Toohey
the young adult novel, Missing Emily: Croatian Life Letters (2012). She was a contributor to the MWC Creative Writing Primer (2012, MWC Press), and operates a professional writing and editing business, Wordsy Woman Word Sales and Service.  She also volunteers generously for MWC.

Poet Ryan Collins had early praise for the collection: “The trick in The Other Side of Crazy seems to be that it’s a place we cannot access, or perhaps does not exist.  These poems are filled with startling images, both strange and commonplace: blood-soaked quilts, burning watches, calendars, thunderstorms, dead skin, pharmaceutical commercials, a bike ride across the emotional terrain of modern life.  These poems are littered with interruptions—both internal & external—that are always biting at the heels at this contemporary normalcy & domesticity, and in the end, rather than being resisted or fretted upon or allowed to hold modern life hostage, they are embraced & incorporated into the living and crazy love these poems so deftly reflect.”

Quad Cities area poet and professor, Ellen Tsagaris said Toohey “proves to us that still waters do indeed run deep. Her poetry collection proffers a brilliant disturbance of the intellectual mind that reassembles as creative genius. The poet conjures everyday moments of insanity in her work that gift us sanity, and that join all of us in a very human, very creative, coven of mad genius.”

The Other Side of Crazy will be available for purchase at the Midwest Writing Center, The Book Rack, and

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