Friday, March 14, 2014

The MWC Review Exchange to launch at Pen in Hand Mini Conference March 22

Many writing blogs will tell you that one of the best methods to promote your book, especially indie authors, is to have your book reviewed in many forms and via many venues.  Fortunately, for MWC member/authors, a tool to enhance your ability to seek reviews and endorsements of your book will launch at the March Pen in Hand mini conference on March 22. 

The MWC Review Exchange is a new exclusive service to MWC member/authors to allow you to submit a request to exchange book reviews or endorsements with other MWC member/authors. Participants registered for the Pen in Hand conference will be offered the first opportunity to use the service from now until the Pen in Hand conference as long as the current year MWC membership is paid. If you need to pay your annual membership fee, visit PayPal.

If you need to hone up on your book review skills or would like some guidance on how to write an engaging book endorsement, register for Robin Throne’s “The Art of the Blurb” from 3-4:45 pm on March 22 and be a first participant in the MWC Review Exchange!  

A description of the MWC Review Exchange is offered below:  

The MWC Review Exchange
[debuts at March 2014 Pen in Hand!]
An exclusive service for MWC member/authors only
[If not a member or your membership has lapsed, join MWC now for only $30 per year and receive writer discounts on workshops, programs, events, conferences, and more]
The Review Exchange allows MWC member/authors to exchange no more than 2 reviews/endorsements per membership year. Requested reviews or endorsements are allowed for book-length or chapbook-length published works or those in prepress or manuscript formats.
It’s easy:
2.    Click on the Review Exchange in the upper navigation at the top of the home page
3.    Submit your contact information, genre, and preferences. [Note. If not an MWC member or your membership has lapsed, visit the MWC web site to pay your annual membership fee!]
4.    You will be sent the contact information for the work that you have agreed to review/endorse in exchange for your submission. The author will be notified of your exchange and will send you their work.
That’s it!

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