Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hey, MWC authors! MWC's new book Review Exchange now open!

The MWC Review Exchange
An exclusive book review exchange service for MWC member/authors only
[If not a member or your membership has lapsed, join MWC now for as low as $30 per year and receive writer discounts on workshops, programs, events, conferences, and more]

The Review Exchange allows MWC member/authors to exchange 2 book reviews/endorsements with other MWC member/authors per membership year. Requested reviews or endorsements are allowed for book-length or chapbook-length published works or those in prepress, galley, or manuscript formats. 
It’s easy:
2.   Click on the Review Exchange in the upper navigation at the top of the home page.
3.   Submit your contact information, genre, and preferences. [Note. If not an MWC member or your membership has lapsed, visit the MWC web site to pay your annual membership fee!]
4.   You will be sent the contact information for the work that you have agreed to review/endorse in exchange for your submission. The author will be notified of your exchange and will send you their work to your preferred location.
That’s it!

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